Using Photostory 3 to Promote Reading

Tired of the same old book reports? Need to add life to those student projects? Want to encourage your students to read? Learn how to use Photostory 3, a free download from Microsoft, to create book trailers to promote reading. Participants will explore the growing world of book trailers online, both from publishing companies and from individuals, using YouTube and other online resources. This hands-on workshop will prepare you to teach your students how to create book trailers. Bring a recent book you’ve read and create a trailer yourself to promote reading to your students!
(ADE Criteria: Content, Instructional strategies, Educational technology)

1. Participants will view and discuss examples book trailers and how they can be used in the classroom/library to promote reading.
2. Participants will work in teams or individually to create a Photostory3 project using a digital camera and/or online photo web sites.
3. Participants will be able to create a Photostory3 project for their personal or classroom use.


Naomi Bates

Rubric from Cheryl Youse
Media Specialist
Colquitt County High School
Moultrie, GA

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Joyce Valenza

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