The Research Process: Using the Big Six Information Literacy Skills

Students tend to fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to research. Maybe because they’ve never been taught a better way? This workshop will introduce the Big6 Information Skills Model and discuss methods of implementing an information skills process in the classroom. Help students become more successful in information literacy skills by having a plan for the research that they do! Leave prepared to navigate students through research more productively. (ADE Criteria: Content, Instructional strategies)


1. Participants will be able to use the Big6 Information Skills process with students
2. Participants will gain insight into models for solving information problems.
3. Participants will discuss effective tools for implementing a problem-solving process like the Big6 with students.
4. Participants will gain insight into the steps of the Big6, including defining an information problem through graphic organizers, search techniques that can improve student searches, brainstorming possible sources.

Big Six is an Information literacy and technology model for teaching students how to handle an information problem. It was developed by educators Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, and there is an abundance of information and resources at the Big Six website at

This workshop will review the steps of the Big Six and discuss the implementation of this model in the classroom.


Links: A great website with online resources for each step of the process!
Trash & Treasure Method of Notetaking:
Graphic Organizers:
Big 6 Game
Another PowerPoint:
Guide through the Big Six steps:
Big 6 Wiki:
Big 6 Blog:
Other Information Literacy Models (comparison chart):
Other Information Literacy Models:
Big 6 Site that gives details about each step:
Janet Murray's Big 6 Website:
Essential Questions:
Brainstorming Tips

The Traveler Project
PowerSearch Demo:

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