Using Microsoft Photostory3 in the Classroom
Want a change from the usual PowerPoint projects? Something different, something exciting, something FREE? Come see how Photostory 3 can change the way your students are doing that same old project and bring it to life. Photostory 3 is a free download from Microsoft, easy to install and to use. Participants will see examples of how Photostory3 can be used and will experience a hands-on workshop that will provide them with help needed to use the program with students. (ADE Criteria: Content, Instructional strategies, Educational technology)

1. Participants will view and discuss examples of Photostory 3 projects and how the program can be used in the classroom. 2. Participants will work in teams to create a Photostory 3 project using a digital camera and/or online photo web sites.
3. Participants will be able to create a Photostory3 project for their personal use.
4. Participants will be prepared to use Photostory3 with students as an alternative media project.

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