Cloud Computing: GoogleDocs for Teachers
What is cloud computing? How can it help me in the classroom? Join us for an information workshop to learn about GoogleDocs and other great free tools that are available. Learn how you use these in the classroom so you too can join the world of cloud computing! Discover some of the benefits to using Google by exploring these great features: (ADE Criteria: Content, Instructional strategies, Technology)
1. Google Calendar- synchronizes with your iPad and provides widgets for your wiki
2. Google Documents & Forms – Create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and forms and store files online using Google Documents. Great for creating surveys, sign-in forms, etc.
3. Google Reader – an aggregator that can be used to compile your favorite feeds
4. Google Labs
5. Using online storage for easy file access

Workshop Agenda:
1. Let's Get Started!
2. What is cloud computing?

3. Remember, you MUST have a Google account. You can sign up for one here:

Google Calendar
You will create a Google Calendar for your classroom.

Set up a customized Google homepage.
Choose a theme and add your calendar.
Find a RSS feed or gadget to add to your iGoogle page.

Google Docs
Guide for getting started:
Use Google Docs for:
Organizing & sharing files in Google Docs.
Surveys with Google Forms
Google Reader

Some additional resources:
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My Google Docs page:
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Over 70 Google Forms For The Classroom:

Other Google Products
Google Squared
Google A-Z
Google News Timeline
Yep. Google Will Do That...
Handy Google Search Tips: 19 Simple Tricks You Need To Know
Google Tools for Schools: GoogleEarth
Google Tools for Schools:
K-12 Guide to Going Google:
Google Sites
Office 365

Google Advanced Search help
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Classroom Activities