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Thursday, June 26: Collection Development: Building a Library Collection
Need help updating your collection? Some online tools will be discussed for collection analysis, and recommended guidelines for your collection reviewed. Weed those titles that are outdated and inaccurate, and update your collection to serve your patrons by meeting identified curriculum needs. (Building a collaborative learning community, Assessment, Advocacy/leadership)
  • Participants will acquire an understanding of what collection development is and how to plan for collection development in school libraries.
  • Participants will examine online tools for collection analysis and compare/contrast the data provided by these different tools (Follett’s Titlewave, Bound to Stay Bound, etc.)
  • Participants will upload files to vendor sites for collection analysis.
  • Participants will analyze sample collection analysis reports and determine collection strengths and weaknesses.
  • Participants will identify items/sections that should be considered for weeding.

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